Terms of Use

To use the web site and services we are providing, you must read and agree with the full text of this Terms of Use.

Definition of IRS

IRS is the name of the web site that International Recruit Supporting Organization is operating, including services related to such web site. Any person who uses IRS shall take responsibility for all contents that he/she registers and places on the IRS web site.

Change in Terms of Use

The contents of this Terms of Use may be changed without prior notice.

Change or Termination of Service

The web site can change or stop all or some services at any time. When changing or stopping any of the services, it shall take every possible effort to inform users beforehand. If a user suffers a loss or damage due to any change or termination of the services, the web site shall take no responsibility for such loss or damage.

Restriction of Responsibility

IRS does not shoulder any responsibility for the use or misuse of this web site or the services (hereinafter “Services”) by users, including cases involving third parties. Even if IRS is notified of the possibility of such damage, regardless of whether it is based on guarantee, contract, intentional or unconscious illegal act, and others, the restriction of responsibility is applied to avoid direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, disciplinary and penal damages. The restriction of responsibility is applied to any cases regardless of whether damages are due to use and misuse of, or reliance on Services, and unavailability, stoppage, suspension, and termination of Services including cases where a third party is involved. The restriction of responsibility is applicable within the legally permissible limits, regardless of breach of essential purpose based on preventive means against any rights violations.

Prohibited Matters

Users cannot do the following acts in IRS:

  • Registration and provision of false information
  • Act detrimental to any legal rights of third parties such as copyright, trademark right, right of privacy, and right of portrait
  • Payment request during the course of application and selection
  • Act connected to any criminal action
  • Outrage against public decency
  • Act related to antisocial activism
  • Law violation or potential law violation
  • Profit-oriented act, such as provision of information obtained through the use of IRS
  • Any acts interrupting IRS operation

Individual Members and Corporate Members

IRS does not ascertain the truth of information provided by individual and corporate members (profiles, resumes, job-opening information, and others). IRS takes no responsibility for correctness, reliability, integrity, legality, morality, and copyright of the information placed by its members.

Contact from Employers

The members shall agree that registrants receive notification from any company through a correspondence procedure (E-mail, direct mail, mail, phone, fax, etc.), based on user activity information. This rule shall be also applied to users who register only basic information such as a name, birthdate, E-mail address, phone number, etc.

Member Type and Membership Fee Rules

For corporate members, IRS may set a membership fee and collect such membership fees from corporate members. Such membership fees shall not be refunded for any reason.

Cancellation of Membership Registration

IRS may cancel the registration of any membership regardless of whether the relevant member is an individual member or corporate member, if any of the following problems is found:

  1. Misrepresentation of individual and corporate registration information, background, function, qualification, hiring requirements, etc.
  2. Case where companies, concerned parties, IRS, or other third parties suffer damage due to intentional conduct or accident
  3. Illegal act and outrage against public decency

Withdrawal from Membership

An individual member who wants to withdraw from the site shall go through the procedure for withdrawal by himself/herself. A corporate member shall contact IRS.


International Recruit Supporting Organization

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Marunouchi 3-4-1, Chiyoda-ku, 100-0005, Tokyo
Email: office@irs-recruit.org
Tel: 03-6689-3690 Fax: 03-3526-2381
Monday to Friday (excluding year-end and new-year days, and holidays): 9:30 to 17:00)

Handling of Private Information

The web site handles private information of its customers properly according to “Handling of Private information” specified separately.

Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

The operation of the web site and provision of Services shall be governed by the laws of Japan. All disputes related to the operation of the web site and provision of Services shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court as court of first instance.


IRS is not a recruiting company. It is an incorporated association which provides services to support job hunting of internationally-oriented human resources. IRS does not participate in the decision of acceptance or rejection made by and for the members (individual members and corporate members).

*Point to contact concerning private information: Email: office@irs-recruit.org

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