Handling of Private Information

International Recruit Supporting Organization (hereafter, “IRS”) handles the registered private information as shown below:

(1) Definition of Private Information

Information about any individual, including names, birthdate, and other descriptions, which allows identification of the individual (including those easily comparable to other types of information, and thereby allowing identification of the individual).

(2) Purpose of use

IRS shall use the private information for the following purposes:

  1. Authentication of a registrant and provision of services
  2. Provision to organizations which register for the services, based on the application of a registrant
  3. Response to opinions and inquiries about the services
  4. Provision of other types of information which are helpful for the operation of IRS

(3) Joint use

IRS uses the private information jointly with IRS-related and associate organizations in order to provide the service appropriately. The information jointly used is as follows:

  1. Jointly used private information items:
  2. Name, current address, E-mail address, nationality, gender, marital status, career, photo, phone number (update required according to the current status)

  3. Parties who jointly use the information
  4. IRS, Japan International Human Capital Development Organization, domsk Corp.

  5. Purpose of joint use of those parties
  6. As shown in 2) above

  7. Person who takes responsibility for the management of private information to be jointly used:
  8. IRS Private Information Protection Personnel
    International Recruit Supporting Organization
    Tel: 03-6689-3690

  9. Acquisition procedure
  10. Written format, including web site, E-mail, etc.

(4) Provision of private information to third parties

Unless otherwise stipulated by law, IRS does not provide the private information to any third parties.

(5) Outsourcing of private information

IRS may place the private information in the custody of an external company with which IRS has executed a nondisclosure agreement.

(6) Disclosure, modification, and suspension of use of private information

Users can confirm, revise, and suspend the use of the private information on the website. Concerning any past use of private information and other questions, contact the following personnel:

IRS Private Information Protection Personnel
International Recruit Supporting Organization
Tel: 03-6689-3690

(7) Voluntariness of private information registration

The services are to provide a system to disclose the registered users’ information to the registered companies.

Please decide what information you register, and use the services at your own risk. If you do not register certain necessary information, you may not use the services in some cases.

International Recruit Supporting Organization

Private Information Protection Personnel
“Section 822” on 8th floor, Shin-Kokusai Bld.
Marunouchi 3-4-1, Chiyoda-ku, 100-0005, Tokyo
Email: office@irs-recruit.org
Tel: 03-6689-3690 Fax: 03-3526-2381
Monday to Friday (excluding year-end and new-year days, and holidays): 9:30 to 17:00)

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