Policy on Donations

Established on February 4, 2012
Revised on August 21, 2014
International Recruit Supporting Organization

Article 1 (Purpose)

International Recruit Supporting Organization (hereinafter, IRS) sets this policy in order to define necessary items for receiving donations and others.

Article 2 (Definition)

“Donation(s)” in this policy means cashes, and stocks and bonds provided for promotion of the IRS activities.

In this policy, “properties” totally mean research materials, goods, lands, physical fixed assets such as buildings, and intangible and intellectual hand assets, provided for promotion of the IRS activities.

In this policy, “general donations, etc.” mean donations and properties that donators provide without specifying special usages.

In this policy, “restricted donations, etc.” means donations that donators specify special usages when applying, and consist of “restricted donations” and “restricted properties.”

In this policy, “solicited donations” mean donations for which IRS specifies special usages in advance when it invites donations.

IRS can always invite donations.

Article 3 (Condition of donation)

IRS cannot receive donations with the following conditions.

IRS accommodates certain benefit or favor to a donator in compensation for the donations.

A donator cancels part of or total donations after donating them.

IRS transfers intellectual properties acquired as a result of academic researches thanks to donations to a donator, or let the
donator use it without compensation.
A donator audits accounts concerning usage of donations.

A donator places the brunt of the financial burden upon IRS after IRS receives donations, etc.

The representative of the board of directors agrees that donation works against the operation and management of IRS.

Article 4 (Donation procedure)

A person who intends to provide donations, etc. to IRS, shall submit with a written form (incl. electromagnetic form).

When receiving application of donations, etc., as defined in the previous section, IRS confirms that they are not relevant to the standard in Article 3, and receive them.

When IRS decides reception of donations, etc., it notifies it to a donator and also sends necessary documents such as transfer request forms.

Article 5 (Usage of donation)

General donations are used for public business defined in Article 4 of the articles of incorporation, and partially used for management.

Restricted donations, etc. are used for usage that a donator specifies, and partially used for management.

Solicited donations, etc. are only used for solicited businesses. Also, they are partially used for management.

Article 6 (Sending of receipt, etc.)

When receiving donations, IRS sends a receipt to a donator.

For the donator mentioned in the previous section, IRS writes that the donations is for the IRS public business, including a donation amount and a reception date.

Article 7 (Honoring)

IRS can honor a donator publicly for an unrecognized good deed, as defined separately by the board.

Article 8 (Private information protection)

Private information concerning donations are released unless otherwise requested (protection of private information).

Article 9 (Complement)

Other than the articles in this policy, when another article is necessary for implementation of this policy, the representative of the board of directors defines separately with the board’s consent.

Article 10 (Reform and abolition)

This policy is reformed or abolished when the board passes resolutions.

Supplementary Provisions

This policy is implemented from registration of establishment of International Recruit Supporting Organization (February 4, 2011).

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