IRS Principles

Aiming for a society of “co-creation”

There are numerous problems that we face in our present world, such as the destruction of earth’s environment, issues regarding our resources and energy, food, population and the increasing gap between the rich and the poor.

These various problems are caused by how the economic activities around the world are conducted. Since the economy is built by “the people” to achieve economic development on a global scale, mutual understanding between people, regardless of race, is needed now more than ever. The time has come where people all over the world should think together to remove racial barriers and international boundaries.

In the modern era where globalization is accelerating, neither power nor wealth created by dominance or centralization will last for long. Today, the growth of emerging nations is something to be amazed, and there is a great opportunity for developed nations to offer their core technology and products to them in order to build the growing market together.

We at IRS, are specialized in the facilitation of providing human resources information over the internet. We capture excellent global candidates who will support the development of the world economy, and by offering a place for them to flourish, we aim to respond to the demands of the times.

We should believe in the wisdom and conscience of the world’s people, and escape from a society that puts an emphasis on comparison-victory/defeat-competition. Developed and emerging nations should understand and respect each other as well as thinking and working together. By doing so, we can move forward and aim to realize a “society of co-creation” that carries on meaningful economic activity.

We thank you for your understanding and support for our activities at IRS, and hope that you will join us to better our society together.

Thank you.
International Recruit Support (IRS) Organization
Chairman, Keiichiro Fujii

International Career Support